Palm Perfusion, PLLC

Palm Perfusion, PLLC, as a complete blood management company, offers a wide range of perfusion and blood management services.  Our commitment is to provide the highest quality, professional services and to build lasting relationships with our healthcare partners while providing optimal patient care.  As the face of perfusion technology changes, we adapt our services to meet the demands of our industry.  Thus, much consideration and effort must be taken to select the proper team members as the face of Palm Perfusion.  Every team member of Palm Perfusion is a clinician!

This philosophy has allowed us to provide these services and care for over 40 years.  

A Complete Blood  Management Company

We provide job opportunities for Autotransfusionist and Perfusionist across three different states (TN, AL, FL).  Please contact us for our current availability.

We take great pride in supporting our team members.  After all, they are the face of this amazing company.  We are a company small enough that every employee has direct accessibility to each company owner.  We believe this offers a line of support and communication to handle any situation or concern quickly and efficiently.  We simply do not have multiple levels of management to navigate through be heard.  This, in part, contributes to our extremely low turnover rate and competitive salaries. 

We are committed to each other because when we join together, our patients are cared for in the safest and most compassionate way. Are you looking for an employer that is personable, small enough to hear your voice?  Large enough to provide you with the clinical experiences to facilitate your professional growth?

If so, we are happy to consider you as part of our team!